Builder And Inspector Looking At New Property

L2 Adjusting is pleased to offer the following adjustment services to our clients:

Residential Claims Appraisals:
L2Adjusting provides complete residential claims appraisals for all types of disputes. It is very common after a disaster or other event takes place for the homeowner to feel as if the insurance claim was not accurate compared to the damage. In an effort to avoid litigation, a residential claim adjustment can be made after an appraisal is conducted.

We provide accurate and detailed appraisals that can be used to settle the claim between insurer and home owner. We will review all aspects of the claim and conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that all parties are protected under the insurance policy.

Residential Desk Adjustments: After a disaster occurs, the amount of claims being processed by any given insurance company can become quite overwhelming. When this occurs, errors can happen. We understand that these claims must be accurate and complete.

L2Adjusting offers residential desk adjusting services to our clients who want to make sure that any and all claims being processed are accurate. Our desk adjusting service can also help speed the process of typical claims by eliminating the need for a field inspection.

Commercial / Residential Field Inspections : L2Adjusting has a large staff of skilled and professional

adjustors that can perform commercial and residential field inspections. Our adjustors have the training and certifications necessary to accurately check and find roof and structural damage, water damage and other issues that may have occurred to the property.

Supplement Inspections or Audits : Our inspections are completed very methodically so that we cover any and all problems that the structure may have experienced as part of the damaging event.


Water Mitigation Invoice Audits: It is not unusual when serious damage has occurred to a structure that a supplemental audit or inspection must be conducted. During the repair process, the contractors may discover hidden damage that could not have been seen until repair work has been started. In this event, an adjustor needs to re-inspect the damaged area so an accurate supplemental claim can be made.

L2Adjusting provides supplement inspections and audits in a timely manner. We will inspect, evaluate, and audit these types of claims quickly so that the repair work can continue. .

Notary Public Services

We are also pleased to announce that our professional staff is currently undergoing training for General Liability claims. L2 Adjusting will begin offering this service very soon.

After a storm or other disaster the call for “public adjusters needed” goes out quickly. A large event can leave insurance companies understaffed and overworked, leading to a lot of poorly conducted claims. This looks bad on the insurance company and can often lead to legal action.

When public adjusters are needed, we encourage you to seek out independent adjusting firms located within the area where the event occurred so that you can receive the optimal services from the company. Companies that work where they live have a knowledge that is unmatched when compared with other similar companies.